Austin Beahm

My name is Austin Beahm and I’m a professor of global studies and geography from California. For nearly two decades, I’ve traveled and worked in Latin America and Asia as an avid photographer with an interest in local cultures. Many of my pictures are taken with an eye towards teaching my students. Some have appeared with National Geographic, including a 2018 story titled “Beautiful Pictures of Day of the Dead”, a 2015 “End Poverty” exhibit between National Geographic and the World Bank, and a 2014 “Your Plate” exhibit at the National Geographic Museum headquarters in Washington D.C. 

Recent Travels

Japanese Free-divers

A series on the “Ama” free-divers in rural Japan. Shot on location in Japanese fishing villages with generous grant funding from California State University, Long Beach.

Thailand’s Aspiring Fighters

A series about the poor and aspiring fighters that inhabit the world of Muay Thai kickboxing. Shot in Bangkok’s historic fighting arena’s and the gyms where fighters live and train.